Internet Publishing

Since launching in April 2009, Tadhg has had several requests to design and maintain websites for other companies and organisations.

We will generally create a website in a number of stages:

  • Initial Consultation: 1-2 meetings with the client to discuss their individual website requirements. Photos will be sourced and taken at this stage and text content will be considered.
  • Website Design and Build: The website will be put together before the next consultation and further needs/changes can be discussed. We can capture and prepare additional images/video/audio to suit the clients needs if required.
  • Publication: The draft website will be presented to the client and pending their approval will be published to the internet.
  • Maintenance: The website can be modified or added to at very short notice by contacting Tadhg 24/7. We can also offer simple Content Management Systems that allow the client to upload their own content by email or text message.
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